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C. Ametller 39
08711 ÒDENA, Barcelona
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Quality Policy

AMBIENS' services will always be pointed at objectively evaluable objectives.


The company will provide service to the client by making an effort to understand what his situation and convenience is.


AMBIENS activity will always be oriented towards the objective environmental improvement and nature.


Services by AMBIENS will feature the best available technology, always keeping in mind the interests and objectives of the client.


The professionals from AMBIENS will keep the communication with the client in high regard, listening attentively to his needs, circumstances and suggestions and regularly informing him of the developments and the applied criteria.


AMBIENS will be supplied the most adequate means to provide services, always keeping updated information.


The two axis of the activities performed by AMBIENS are, in one hand, the service to the client and, in the other, the professional and human development of the team.


The work of the professionals of AMBIENS will progress following established criteria within the company through teamwork and collaboration. This criteria will always be open and under process of evolution.


The rechecking the work through the eyes of another teammate is a natural part of the normal process of the services.  


AMBIENS is open to the participation of its professionals in management jobs and their taking part in society's capital. We believe the company management and most of the capital have to be in the hands of of the team.

The organization and management, sistematic and process-based, are the main tool for team competitiveness.


AMBIENS asks its professionals a deep, full-capability implication on the projects in development and client service. This implication is an indispensable requisite to be part of the team.

AMBIENS meets the ISO 9.001:2008 quality standard since 2009.


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